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a bookshelf made out of cinder blocks in the corner of a living room
A vida no edifício Eiffel | Histórias de Casa
a book shelf made out of cinder blocks with plants and books on the floor next to it
30 Amazingly Creative And Easy DIY Nightstand Projects
30 Amazingly Creative And Easy DIY Nightstand Projects - Lots of repurposing projects here!
two colorful light bulbs hanging from the ceiling
a plant is sitting on top of a cart
KIXBOX shelving
Regal, zeitschriften, magazine, aufbewahren, zeigen, DIY, mit Rollen
a green light switch cover on a white wall
Maura Light Switch Cover | Urban Outfitters New Zealand Official Site
a desk with a red lamp on top of it next to a book and other office supplies
Créer une lampe au style industriel soi-même
DIY : créer une lampe à poser esprit indus'
a red shopping cart with a green plant in it and a skateboard next to it
Interiors and DIY Interiors image inspiration on Designspiration
Cool. Funky. Table lamps. Blue, green and orange
three different types of light fixtures are shown on the wall and below them is a lamp that looks like a faucet