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Shark Burka. Sorry, I Am Not F/W 2016 Runway Collection Show

Sorry, I Am Not F/W 2016 Runway Collection Show Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia: Fall/Winter -

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Watch your bride slowly walk down the aisle in her gorgeous wedding down. White dress, full skirt, long sleeves high neck and a veil over her face. The chains hidden within. Steel collar inside the high neck, handcuffs pa .

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France's Burqa Ban: In France, women who walk the streets wearing a burqa or a niqab will be subject to fines or forced to attend citizenship classes under controversial new law. French president Nicolas Sarkozy says the veils, which cover everything but a woman's eyes, imprison women and contradict the secular country's "values of dignity and equality." But is dictating that a woman cannot cover her face in public just as anti-libertarian as dictating that she must?

Why Islam’s Sharia Law is the Biggest Threat to American Safety - Nationalblackroberegiment

Niqabi in a beautiful museum.

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Know therefore that there is no God but Allah and ask forgiveness for thy sins and for (the sins of) the men and women who believe: For Allah knows how ye move about and how ye dwell in your homes Sura Muhammad

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My Lord forgive and have mercy, for you are the best of those who show mercy. – Quran Image by عائشة إروغلو

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