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How to Build A U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed 3

Raised garden beds add a lot of beauty to a garden. Theyre also excellent for drainage, warming up the soil faster in the springtime and a little higher for easier harvesting. There are a many designs materials you

hill garden

Our “Useless Hill” Garden! Lovely use of area for garden and play area! We have a ton of hills!

Nature's pharmacy is packed with hundreds of medicinal plants used in both Western and Chinese medical practices to treat a variety of conditions.

12 Medicinal Plants You Can Grow At Home. You can create your own natural pharmacy in your home or garden. There are hundreds of plants you could grow that treat a variety of ailments. Also, some herbs have a dual role; you can cook with them too

Prunus cerasus 'Chokoladnaja' Cherry

Prunus cerasus 'Chokoladnaja' Cherry

Mini Greenhouse

Leisure Season Mini Cypress Fir Greenhouse - There is no off season in gardening with the Leisure Season Mini Cypress Fir Greenhouse . If your August tomatoes are tasting bittersweet because they'll.