Emilia Vuorentausta

Emilia Vuorentausta

Emilia Vuorentausta
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Anime Girl Lolita

absurdres black hair bonnet bow butterfly doll joints dress eyelashes eyepatch floral print full body gothic lolita grey dress highres hoshinoy lolita fashion long hair nail polish original pearl side very long hair white background

How to Make your Own Bikinis

Featured: Bow-tie Bikini by Laura Urbinati If you’re intent is on looking your best at the pool this summer, you might take matters into your own hands and make a swimsuit that will turn head…

How to cut one long strand of yarn out of a t-shirt

HOW TO cut one long strand of yarn out of a t-shirt - recycling at its finest just in case I ever get stuck somewhere with a suitcase full of old Tshirts. Or, get so bored I start cutting up my clothes.

Anyone want to crochet a few of these for me??! Argyle Bean Bag Ottoman Free Crochet Pattern from Red Heart Yarns

Argyle Bean Bag Ottoman / Pouf - Crochet Pattern We love to crochet around bean bag chairs.this time we've turned the bean bag into an ottoman / pouf! I, Dana, designed this ottoman for RedHeart.