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a sock with an arrow drawn on it
Karin Byom - Forming a sock top-down in nålebinding
two photos showing the same green yarn stitch on top of each other, and one has a hole in it
Basic stitches and my first YouTube video’s.
Basic stitches and my first YouTube video’s. –
two hands are knitting together with the words nalbinding basics
Nalbinding Basics Finnish 2+2
two hands are working on a piece of rope
Needlebinding a Hood –
several different types of bracelets laid out on a table with one knot in the middle
Nalbinding - because we don't have enough going on...
a pair of scissors and yarn on a wooden table
someone is knitting something on the table
Nalbinding, To start at wrist Part 2/2 - Neulakinnas, aloitus ranteesta
Nalbinding 2/2, To start at wrist - Neulakinnas, aloitus ranteesta - YouTube
a green crochet piece with a pair of scissors next to it
Beginnen aus der Rosette
someone is knitting something with their hand and the caption reads, re - check the first after a few rows this feels fine for my fingers and thumb so i'll'll'll continue
KarinByom's Nalbinding Mitten Stitch-a-long (Nalbinding /Needle-binding)
Ravelry: Tjaa's Nalbinding Mitten Stitch-a-long (Nalbinding /Needle-binding)
a yellow piece of yarn sitting on top of a white table
Korgen- und Mammen-Stich
a hand holding a pair of scissors over some yarn
Nalbinding Stitch Connections - What are F1, B1, etc?
the crochet stitch is being worked on
a knitted object with yarn and knitting needles
Thick socks. –
Needlebinding Slippers / Thick socks. –
a person holding a piece of yellow yarn in their left hand and the end of it being pulled up
Nalbinding; getting started with the Oslo stitch.
an older person's hand holding a piece of orange string on top of a wooden table
Nalbinding 102-Russian Stitch