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the cover art for oneus'new album, with an abstract design on it
Digital Cover
an artistic image of a star in the sky
Paul Kim - Star (3rd Mini Album) Albumcover Artwork
Paul Kim - Star (3rd Mini Album) Albumcover Artwork on Behance
an image of the intersection between two intersecting roads with red arrows pointing in different directions
an orange background with the word butter surrounded by colorful flowers and stars in black letters
an orange and white poster with the words tomorrow written in red on top of it
TXT are back with "Deja Vu", one of their strongest title tracks yet in my opinion. Stunningly beautiful. The mini album "minisode 3: TOMORROW" is also fantastically good with "I'll See You There Tomorrow" and "Miracle" being my favourites 😍😚😁❤️‍🔥💝💓💗💖💞 #TXT #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #yeonjun #soobin #beomgyu #taehyun #hueningkai #minisode3 #TOMORROW #TXT_DejaVu
the logo for the dream theater company, which has been designed to look like an intertwined
TXT - The Dream Chapter : ETERNITY (Starboard Ver.)
the words in korean are written on an image of a pair of skis and one has a heart
hurt - newjeans
a cell phone with the words wipe boy on it
an advertisement with blue butterflies flying in the air and text reading attention you give me butterflies, you know
attention - newjeans
an image of a star with the words tomorrow and other things around it in brown ink
minisode 3 : tomorrow
#kpop #kpopicons #txt #txtbighit #yeonjun #soobin #hueningkai #taehyun #beomgyu
the logo for tomorrow, with stars and birds around it in black on a white background
minisode 3 : tomorrow
#kpop #kpopicons #txt #txtbighit #yeonjun #soobin #hueningkai #taehyun #beomgyu
a yellow poster with the word butter on it
「 Butter 」
the name charter - temptation by homoon x together album cover art
the name chaper's cover art for their album, temptation