Gezonde borrelhapjes

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the cover of bruschetta prosciutto with figs and cheese
Bruschetta met prosciutto, vijgen en geitenkaas
an open face sandwich with mushrooms, cheese and lettuce on a cutting board
Crostini met gebakken champignons en appelstroopglaze
Crostini’s met kastanjechampignons en appelstroop mogen niet ontbreken op je herfstige borrelplank. Een heerlijke combinatie van hartig en zoet!
there is a bowl of oatmeal with walnuts on it and bread
Walnoten Courgette Dip (Kabak Ezme) - Tasty Food SoMe
chicken skewers with bbq sauce and toothpicks on a black plate
Mini kipspiesjes
several cucumbers are arranged on a wooden board with the words gezonde toasties
Gezonde toastjes met tonijnsalade-Voedzaam & Snel
a wooden cutting board topped with lots of food
Recept: Hollandse borrelplank met vis - Savory Sweets
grilled carrots on a platter with dip and parsley garnish
Parmesan Roasted Carrot Fries
some fried zucchini fries are on a tray with dipping sauce in the middle
Parmesan Zucchini Fries (Healthy and Extra Crispy!) - Rasa Malaysia
Crispy baked zucchini fries made with Japanese panko bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. Serve the zucchini fries with ranch dressing as a healthy and delicious snack |
a skillet filled with mushrooms and cauliflower on top of a white table
Garlic Mushrooms Cauliflower Skillet
Garlic Butter Mushrooms Cauliflower Skillet - #cauliflower #mushroom #recipe #eatwell101 - This mushroom and cauliflower recipe is super nourishing and easy to whip up - #recipe by #eatwell101®
a white plate topped with lots of food
Bietenwraps met hummus en rosbief - Miljuschka's recepten
a person dipping some food into a small bowl with pita bread on the side
The Best Mediterranean Dip Recipe- Roasted Pepper and Aubergine Dip - Forkful of Plants
a plate with some food on it and a small bowl in the middle next to it
Courgette koekjes - Zoetrecepten
a platter filled with assorted veggies and dip
Vegetable Platter | Life Made Sweeter