THE FASHION SUNDAE: Muse of The Month: #AvrilLavigne

Muse of The Month: Avril Lavigne

#BrandonFlowers #TheDesiredEffect

#BrandonFlowers #TheDesiredEffect

TFS Playlist vol.2  #themusicsundae #thefashionsundae #playlist

is here, and so is TFS playlist vol. You can find it on Spotify: TFS vol.

THE FASHION SUNDAE: Muse Of The Month: #GigiHadid

This month's muse is supermodel Gigi Hadid . Her model-off-duty style is very trendy, sporty and effortlessly chic.

THE FASHION SUNDAE: Nostalgia #90s #00s

THE FASHION SUNDAE: Nostalgia #90s #00s

THE FASHION SUNDAE: Holiday Inspiration: 70's Glam Rock

I have an answer: glam rock . I've picked 62 items inspired by the era of glam rock.

THE FASHION SUNDAE: Xmas Gift Guide For Him

" Red Porsche 944 like Jake in Sixteen Candles, for goodness sake. And a couple more you might have missed, like a shiny Rolex on my wr.