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sami nomads | Sami woman with child in Komse, Finland.

Judging by her headwear, called a riukkulakki, this more likely to be a Kveeni woman, rather than a Sami woman. Child in Komse.

Yves Picq . Namibie Himba.

The Himba women wear their hair in long braids and cover them with a paste they make from a mixture of butter, fat, and red ochre called otijize which also gives their skin a red tint. Its a common trend and symbol of beauty.

Chilkat blanket woven by master weaver Jennie Thluanaut. Chilkat weaving is a art practiced by the Tlingit and Haid people of the Pacific Northwest. Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center.

Not only was the clothing of the Tlingit people adaptive to their subarctic climate, but many of their distinct styles are considered an art form. Although most Tlingit people have adapted to modern.

Tribes of Judah . A Badik girl

The Bedik (Budik or Bedick) people are ancient cave-living agrarian minority Tenda - Menik speaking people occupying the most isolated area.

Kichwa woman in Amazonian Jungle from Ecuador

The Atlas of Beauty is a project of the fashion photographer Mihaela Noroc, who travel across the world in a road trip for the last 16 months in order to create beautiful portraits of women, capturing hundreds of images from Colombia to China.