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a cross stitch pattern with the words whenever i'm in trouble think what would jesus do?
Snarky Crafter Designs
Snarky Crafter Designs
the words all men are created equal on a black and white circle with white lettering
Patchwork, Stitch Patterns, Crossstitch
a hand embroidered sign that says, come back with a warrant on the inside of it
My first commissioned work for a lawyers office.
an advertisement with people on it that says, when you're forced to hang with regular people
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 30 Pics
a purple cat with the words take her to the moon for me, okay?
When In Manila - LOOK: These Stunning Disney Illustrations Will Make Your Heart Flutter
a black and white photo with the words humble, with just a hint of kanye
just a hint of kanye
an iphone case with the words don't drink and text on it in white
Motivation, Gym Humour, I Laughed, Tough Guy