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Very interesting. So, if men's ideal is size and women's ideal is size who's responsible for this unrealistic and ridiculous "mainstream" beauty standard? If you're size cool. If you're size that's cool too. Beauty is beauty.

Kids Vintage Halloween Costume: Scary, creepy, disturbing.<3<3 Designing and Creativity in Progress <3 ENVIED WEDDINGS & EVENTS  <3 If you live in Oregon and want your wedding or event to be unique and special, contact us! <3<3

happy halloween from this creepy as fuck baby with a skull and horn head. here's to hoping your kid writes a similar letter one day and you take a solid shit in your pants. your mom wishes you happy halloween and plenty of nightmares.

Turn Your Child Into a Star Wars Ewok in 2-Steps

Turn Your Child Into a Star Wars Ewok in Cutest baby costume ever. Ahhh this is the greatest thing ever! --- I already have the bear costume from Caleb.this could change it up for Sam.