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Imaginer des bougeoirs via des bouteilles remplies d'eau et de végétaux

Love this DIY candle holder idea - water filled glass bottles with fauna inside, topped with candles - home decor - table decor

Karen and Jim's Excellent Adventure: Fiddly Bits: Making life on a small boat safer and more comfortable

Two marlinespike projects: Cockpit foot mat and a lanyard for holding 2 rolls of toilet paper in the head.

Collapsible Bucket

Basic camping gear done right - though you could always forget camping and use this around the house and save on storage. A Dad's dream.

Hang a fruit and veggie hammock - this could be done on the cheap with a string bag! And there are lots of good ideas here! (44 Cheap And Easy Ways To Organize Your RV/Camper)

Under Cabinet Fruit & Veggie Hammock - Prodyne Enterprises - Space Savers - Camping World I know this is suppose to be neat but It is really just a banana hammock.

Tips from boaters

Like obtaining a driver’s license, getting your boating license is a process that you must take seriously.

Window Box Bathroom Storage (perfect for a small bathroom) - Our Fifth House

High Resolution Image: House Design Ideas Bathroom Storage Ideas Our Fifth House Window Box Bathroom Storage Perfect For A Small . Bathroom Cabinets Ideas‚ Bathroom Shelving Ideas‚ Bathroom Ikea as House Design Ideas's Easter Sunday