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a tree with the words suppuni written on it, and two hearts in the middle
a pair of blue shoes sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a red string
Teaching Your Kids to Tie Their Shoes - Busy Moms Helper
Free Printable shape to assist in kids Learning To Tie Their Shoes! from
an image of a page with words and pictures on it, including the word's name
Minä ekalla.
a black and white photo with the words hello written on it, in different languages
an image of a poem written in two languages
Ihana runo ekaluokalle!
a handwritten note with some writing on it
Kaikki isästäni.
the worksheet for an english language lesson with pictures and words to be written on it
Ekaluokkalaiseni - kodin ajatuksia ekan luokan alkuun.
two red, white and blue hand prints hanging from hooks
How this teacher manages: instead of having classroom jobs, she had a boy and girl "helping hand" of the day. The two helpers were responsible for all of the classroom jobs (line leader, door holder, running errands, etc.) Just write each students' name on a cutout of a hand and hang the hands on the wall and flip the hands each day. It is such a super easy system, and it works out so that students get to be a helper about once every other week.
two people laying on the ground with their arms in the air and one person reaching for something
painting like Michelangelo
painting like Michelangelo in the Cappella Sistina
six colored rocks with words written on them
What We Did This Week
Easter eggs- one side write one consonant, one side write vowel and final consonant. By twisting the egg it makes different words and can show rhyming and practice different consonants at the beginning of words. Ages 5-7 or when reading and knowing different sounds would be best for this activity.
four plastic dices are stacked on top of each other
Facebook Linky Party!
To prevent dice from flying all over the place, roll them in these cute containers! There really is enough room for the dice to roll inside there.
an image of owls with different colors
Free Owl Printables | Free Printable Owl Labels | Owl Theme Classroom