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gray and white scheme pilled from marble basin. I like the offset basin creating a little modern "whimsy" or drama.

Christopher William Adach - handbook: Sanico bathrooms ---I feel like this in the guest bath on the main floor would really tie the room in with the rest of the floor considering we have the marble like counter-tops in the kitchen---

This toilet/sink combo is beautiful and possibly perfect for a toilet under the stairs...

Roca’s innovative, ultra-modern toilet and sink combination, called W+W (for washbasin + watercloset).This unique, space-saving bathroom fixture is not only sleek and elegant, but also environmentally friendly.

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The Abisko Washbasin from Eumar isn't even a basin. It's a freaking waterslide. A waterslide sink that drains onto the floor. How hilarious would it be if some bar installed this thing and forgot to put in the drain?

Hammock bathtub . . . um yeah I'm pretty sure that's the coolest thing I've ever seen! Eric sure would want this.

What do you call a bath/hammock hybrid? Deluxe hammock-style bathtub by Splinter Works of Britain.