Ob D

Ob D

Finland, Jyväskylä / I use pictures and art as an inspiration to make music (synesthesia). http://soundcloud.com/ollilukkari
Ob D
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Don't look to anyone for your needs, For the one who created you, Waters you.

Don't look to anyone for your needs, for the One (Allah) who created you, waters you.

Supermoon by A7md3mad

I never felt the darkness of the night with you beside me.

By Pascal Campion

The coffee Run. I did a spring image this morning, and it started POURING a few minutes after! I thought I should capture my coffee run in that rain! << Love this piece

ArtStation - Deep forest magic, Britta Jacobs

"Deep Forest Magic" by Britta Jacobs This has a swamp-like feel, and the monochromatic green emphasizes it. The depth allows enough for imagination, and the female figure is a creative adaptation to the environment.

This drawing had so many decisions to make, I don't even know or care anymore.

Forest Entrance by PyriteKite on DeviantArt