Exploring the innovation of technology in education and learning in English
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Multimedia Projects can be effective in the English class as students can research and present findings on a character, writing style theme etc.

Application that students can use to create stories, along with other apps like Comiclife

Application that allows for structured discussion.

Apps like Annotateit allow students to place their notes directly onto images and text.

Skype allows students to achieve face to face communication with webcam. In the English class this can allow students to perhaps interview an author of the book they are reading.

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Apps like LiveJournal allow students to practice their creative writing and vary their writing style depending on what they are studying.

Blogging sites allow students to create digital portfolios where can they post their best work, and get feedback from peers, teachers etc.

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If schools provide each student with Ipads then they can access novels via the ebooks app, which allows them to read as well as add their own notes.

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