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Essay about sociology and anthropology careers Essay about Cultural Anthropologist as a Career, sociology, and in some cases. Cinema and Anthropology Description Essay - Visual anthropology plausibly carries. Sociology Theory, Sociology Major, Sociology Quotes, Social Research, Social Studies, Social Science Degree, Thinking Skills, Critical Thinking, Sociological Imagination

What Is Theory? A Precautionary Tale

The Logic of Sociology [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis, which remarks on the role of theory in sociology] via Jessica Leveto

I like how "ableism" was the first thing that was discussed in this pin. Like many of our discussions, this is one of the type of discrimination that most people tend to forget about. It is as significant as sexism, racism, and classism. Social Issues, Social Work, Equality And Diversity, Cultural Diversity, Intersectional Feminism, Equal Rights, Oppression, Social Justice, Human Rights

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Productivité : les habitudes des personnes performantes (infographie) - Widoobiz

La productivité entre deux personnes varie parfois du simple au triple. Une performance qui n'a rien à voir avec de la magie.

The new issue of Mansplaining comes out tomorrow, don't forget to pick up your copy. Misandry, Feminist Af, Smash The Patriarchy, Intersectional Feminism, Equal Rights, Women's Rights, Pro Choice, Social Issues, Equality

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“The new issue of Mansplaining comes out tomorrow, don't forget to pick up your copy.”

Sociology is. --the study of society --a social science involving the study of the social lives of people, groups, and societies. --the study of our behavior as social beings, covering everything. Sociology Careers, What Is Sociology, Sociology Quotes, Sociology Class, Sociology Theory, Social Science Degree, Sociological Concepts, Social Disorders, Socialism

#Sociology is... Poster (discipline definition and famous sociology majors) created by @Kristen Kemerer Robinson Jess

In 'The Second Sex', Simone de Beauvoir famously stated that gendered terms are constructions of the masculine and feminine in culture and social civilisation, rather than state of being male or female in itself. Sociology Theory, Sociology Major, Feminist Theory, Literary Theory, Sociological Imagination, Critical Theory, Gender Studies, Social Science, Girls Be Like

David Gauntlett | Welcome! is a website of materials about the mass media and its relationship to people's identities, gender, sexuality and behaviour. Resources include info, essays, reviews, links and more.

Marx was an economic reductionist prone to perceive conflicts rather than solutions t Sociology Theory, Sociology Topics, Sociology Major, Karl Marx Sociology, Anti Capitalism, Socialism, Sociological Concepts, Sociological Imagination, Literary Theory

Relationship Coffee Fair Trade Case Study

Tags : commodification , globalization , marx/marxism , coffee, commodity fetishism, ethical consumption, fair trade, 06 to 10 mins Year : 2007 Length : 8:17 Access : YouTube Summary : This short...

 The Evolution Of An Entrepreneur. Timeline: History Of Entrepreneurship. Start Up Business, Business Tips, Online Business, Successful Business, Business Management, Business Planning, Personal Branding, Amélioration Continue, Start Ups

[Infographie] L'évolution de la figure de l'entrepreneur depuis le Moyen-Age jusqu'à nos jours

Une excellente infographie nous livre un récapitulatif intéressant de la figure de l'entrepreneur à travers les âges

Activism – Do(ing) it Like a Feminist Sociology Topics, Sociology Class, Sociology Theory, Social Science, Social Issues, Oppression, Social Justice, Gender, Philosophy

Gender Constancy and Cognitive-Development Theory

Cycle of Socialization [click on this image to find a short video and…