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Emily Stylinson

Emily Stylinson
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C'mon directioners! How can you not repin?! :)

It'll be 3 years on June 23 since the band was originally put together at boot camp. Look how far they've come and all of their dreams have come true. WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR BOYS!

Definitely :) repin if you know what each one of their names are

totally agreed Directioners are the fans that love EVERYONE connected to the boys


everyone always asks me why i love one direction so much. im all "Im not obsessed, its a way of life. Im dedicated. you wouldnt understand, but they mean alot to me. they suck and theyre gay" some people!

Thank You boys for being there for me!

I love these five boys more than words can say. Thank you boys for being there for all of us and just holding on.