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the worksheet for homophones with pictures and words to help students learn how to use
Homophones vocabulary worksheet
#English homophones vocabulary worksheet for #ESL students. Multiple choice exercise.
worksheet for reading the sentences below and fill in the correct form with pictures
Present continuous tense worksheet
Boost your students' grammar skills with our present continuous fill-in-the-gaps worksheet! 📝 This worksheet accompanies the story of Dr. Ginger Williams and the cozy waiting room filled with pets, providing a practical and engaging way to practice the present continuous tense. Perfect for reinforcing what they've learned, this worksheet is designed to be both fun and educational. 🌈 Help your young learners master #English grammar while they enjoy reading about Dr. Williams' adventures in Maplewood. Get this and other valuable resources on our blog. Don't miss out on making grammar lessons enjoyable and effective! #EnglishWorksheets #GrammarPractice #PresentContinuousTense
the worksheet for reading and writing with pictures to help students understand what they are doing
Verb to be pronouns worksheet
Verb "to be" pronouns exercises for young #English learners.
the worksheet for beginning and ending words with pictures on it, including an image of
Visual Learning Tools: Illustrated Irregular Verb Posters
Bring a splash of color and clarity to your English lessons with our Illustrated Irregular Verb Posters! Each poster highlights an irregular verb with a unique stickman illustration and a straightforward example sentence, helping students grasp and retain tricky verb forms. Ideal for ESL teachers seeking effective teaching aids, these posters cater to visual learners of all ages. Available for purchase in high-resolution A3 and A1 sizes, these charts will be a vibrant addition to your classroom. Click the link to our blog post to see how these posters can transform your teaching strategy and make learning English more enjoyable for your students!
an image of children's questions about food and their feelings in the same language
Vern to be reading comprehension worksheet
Enhance your English lessons with our character describing worksheet from the 'to be' reading comprehension set! This fun and interactive activity helps students practice using the verb 'to be' by describing story characters based on names, origins, favorite foods, and physical traits. Perfect for ESL and EFL classrooms, this worksheet reinforces grammar and builds vocabulary in an engaging way. Available in both American and British English versions, it’s a versatile addition to your teaching toolkit. Download the printable PDF and let your students discover the joy of learning through character exploration!
a cartoon character's birthday surprise sheet with the words, and pictures on it
Reading comprehension, verb to be in present
Dive into the fascinating world of English grammar with our immersive reading comprehension project focused on the verb 'to be'! This dynamic resource includes a captivating story, printable worksheets, and engaging exercises designed to reinforce grammar concepts while fostering cultural awareness and critical thinking skills. With two versions available in American English and British English, educators have the flexibility to tailor the project to their students' language preferences. Perfect for ESL and EFL classrooms, our printable PDF files make it convenient to bring interactive learning to your English lessons. Unlock the transformative power of storytelling in language learning today with our comprehensive 'to be' reading comprehension project!
a worksheet with words and pictures to help students learn how to use them
Homophones vocabulary worksheet
#English homophones vocabulary worksheet for #ESL students. Multiple choice exercise.
an english worksheet with the words nature vocabular and flowers on it
Nature vocabulary worksheet
Ignite a love for learning with our printable nature vocabulary worksheets! Perfect for young English learners, this versatile set includes 48 nature-related words paired with engaging exercises designed to captivate students' interest. From identifying plants and animals to exploring different natural environments, these worksheets offer a wealth of opportunities for students to expand their vocabulary while having fun. Whether used in the classroom or at home, these worksheets provide a dynamic learning experience that encourages curiosity and exploration. Join us on a journey through the wonders of nature vocabulary!
an image of black and white pictures with words on them, including the names of different things
Black Things. Part 2.
Things that can be black. A printable poster for young #English learners.
the different types of weather and climate symbols for kids to use in their own language
Nature vocabulary. Part 2.
Nature vocabulary in pictures for young #English learners. #ESL / #EFL chart.
worksheet for beginning and ending sounds with pictures to help students learn how to read
Engaging ESL Teaching: Illustrated Irregular Verb Charts
Transform your ESL classroom with our illustrated irregular verb charts! Engaging stickman illustrations and example sentences make learning fun and memorable. Download now for captivating lessons!
the english worksheet for kids to learn how to read house words and pictures
House vocabulary worksheet
House vocabulary worksheet for #English learners
the very hungry caterpillar activity sheet
The very hungry caterpillar activity sheet
The very hungry caterpillar activity sheet that I created to help my young students learn #English. The book and the printable activities help kids memorize English vocabulary faster so, as an EFL / ESL teacher I decided to design such worksheets for my teaching practice.
worksheet with words and pictures to help students learn how to read the word
Memorable ESL Learning: Printable Irregular Verb Posters
Enhance your ESL teaching with our printable irregular verb posters! Each poster features 88 verbs, simple stickman illustrations, and example sentences. Perfect for classroom display and engaging lessons. Download today!
Birds Names in #English on a mug. Bird Names, Birds Design, Cartoon Birds, Bird Illustration, Bird Design, Bird Species
Bird Names in English
Birds Names in #English on a mug.