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a butterfly figurine sitting on top of a book shelf next to two books
Which is your favorite?! The more I look at them, the more that first bookend set really stands out to me. Maybe it’s the colors, maybe… | Instagram
a bench that has some baskets on it and is next to a door with an open window
some paint swatches are laying on top of the wallpaper and next to it is a brown book
Simplee DIY Design Boards -
there are many spoons and spatulas in this white vase on the counter
two white vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to garlic and onions
the green paint is being used to create this wall color scheme for sherylin williams's filmy green sw 6190
Sherwin Williams Filmy Green
Sherwin Williams Filmy Green is a fresh green paint color that’s often used for interior design. This color brings a dose of nature and tranquility to any space with its soft light green appearance. SW Filmy Green is a perfect blend of green with soft grays that make it look dreamy and cool. Looking closely, you might even describe Filmy Green as a jade-like color.