Ollitapio Pursiainen

Ollitapio Pursiainen

Ollitapio Pursiainen
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During DNA replication, each strand of the original molecule acts as a template for the synthesis of a new, complementary DNA strand.

The process of producing two identical replicas from one original DNA molecule is called DNA replication. DNA Replication requires a numb.

Geiranger, Norway - Holiday$pots4u

Geiranger, Norway : Flydalsjuvet by Stian Rekdal on Fivehundredpx. My drunken ancestors would sit on this promontory and hurl into the fjord.

Katso, miten upealta Suomen luonto näyttää eri vuodenaikoina! – 29 kuvaa | Vivas

Photographer Asko Kuittinen's gorgeous pictures of the Finnish wilderness

Näkymä Otsamotunturilta - Inarijärvi

The Inari Lake, view from the Otsamo Fells, Lapland, Finland