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there is a record player on the shelf in this living room with many pictures above it House Design, Home, Design
a bathroom with green and blue tiles on the wall, sink and mirror in it San Diego, Home Décor, Outdoor, Renting A House, Backyard Living, Renting, Vintage House, Home Decor
@eilidhmackayyy ♡
many colorful bowls are stacked on top of each other Istanbul, Inspiration, Dekorasyon, Dapur, Beautiful, Chen, Culture
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the wall is covered with various records and cds, including one that has been placed on it
No frames no visible support
an old dresser has been painted with white paint and decorative knobs on the drawers Furniture Makeover, Refurbished Furniture, Painted Furniture, Repurposed Furniture, Decoupage, Redo Furniture, White Accents
Bayberry Green CSP Dresser w/ Snow White Accents