Kirsi Marjaana

Kirsi Marjaana

Kirsi Marjaana
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I am an admirer of houses with wheelchair ramps that don't look like wheelchair ramps.

A Paver Ramp was an addition to Give Easy Access to the Front Porch for the Homeowner. A beautiful landscaping feature instead of traditional wood or metal ramps.

"A place for everything and everything in its place!" Have you ever seen a home on television and thought "No one lives in a house as tidy as that!"  It's all about storage and accessibility. Take a look at all the hidden storage ideas in our album and see which ones can help you get the 'television look'!  Feeling inspired?

3 cups (drier, straightner, clippers, electric razor, etc). Add outlet to back of pullout and allow room for cords to hang on closed side. Product shelf below as shown.

This palette combines the colours of winter, cold green and turquoise colours. Despite of the bright colours the palette seems very strict and clear. Cool.

Palette combines color leaving winter, cold green and turquoise colors. Despite the bright colors palette seems to be very strict and clear. Cool mint color sets the mood of the palette. The use of such a scheme creates both cold and brittle manner.

Love the colors. So relaxing, and calming. Definitely will use them for future ideas! Esp for the den area. I want it to be extra calming.

Another soothing and serene palette, this time with soft blue-green tones and warm grays. Clockwise from top left (all from Glidden): Tropical Lagoon Silver Birch Wood Smoke and Deepest Aqua I love the Wood Smoke Glidden paint! My bedroom colors : )