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Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha Black and White Plate, designed by Maija Louekari

sanna annuka for marimekko

Love the boldness of these grayscale patterns. I *think* the mandalas are my favorite, but it is a hard choice.


Decorate your walls with Marimekko Taikamylly wall hangings from cotton with brushed aluminum rails for easy mounting.

Fujiwo Ishimoto for Marimekko - Kuiskaus fabric. This is a piece of art.

Fujiwo Ishimoto for Marimekko - Kuiskaus fabric.

Marimekko Tuuli fabric .... designed by Maija & Kristing Isola

Marimekko Tuuli Black / White Upholstery Fabric Tuuli, Finnish for wind, is a Marimekko upholstery pattern with black trees swaying in a storm on a white background. This gorgeous, mysteriously ominous black and white pattern was designed by Maija .

Miina Äkkijyrkkä is the artist. This fabric for Marimekko.

Kevätjuhla by Marimekko - option 3 for the Kalevala Room curtains.