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This Artwork Combines Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh, and It's Beautiful

winnie the pooh characters - James Hance is a talented artist that recently merged the intergalactic world of Star Wars with Disney’s popular Winnie the Pooh characters i.

This picture... Zane's blinking, Jay no, Dareth's on Cole's shoulders, and Kai looks like he doesn't wanna be there xD Love this pic!

What's wrong with this picture: Zane blinked, Jay's all like "paint me like one of your French girls", and Garmadon is.they even make Ninjago pictures relatable.

MADE BY: Anna_Rocker  She did well! Also, yeah! I had tears in my eyes when I first saw this!

<- The fact they spelled it their "there" proves the entire fandom is just friccin 9 year olds