Van Gogh

"How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun" -Vincent van Gogh (Le Soleil)

Henri Matisse: Painted at Collioure in late spring 1907, Les Pivoines combines the gestural brushwork of Fauvism with the abstract, intangible space of Matisse's revolutionary decorative mode. Within weeks of its creation, Les Pivoines was acquired for the Galerie Bernheim-Jeune by the critic Félix Fénéon, said to possess the most discerning eye for modern art in all of Paris

Work: Henri Matisse – "Les Pivoines", From Matisse's Fauvist period, the work is a still-life with vivid colors depicting a pot of flowers. It was painted two years after Matisse and André Derain began working with bright and bold forms and colors.

Ruined Polaroids by William Miller

Ruin: just because something cannot or does not fulfill its original purpose does not mean it has no worth. Ruined Polaroids by William Miller .