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a person holding a piece of rock with spikes in it's middle and one hand
a small shell sitting on top of a white sheet
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an object that looks like it has been made out of sea urchins and sand
Plegiocidaris (Philicidaris) Mercieri Echinoid by, via Flickr
a rock with a starfish design on it
Jurassic sand dollar
two sand dollars are sitting on top of each other, with an image of a flower in the middle
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a sand dollar with a flower carved into it
Fossil Sand Dollar (Scutella stelatta) Miocene Period
a close up of a bug on a rock
Prehistoric pollination: Scorpionfly mouthparts fit tubular channels of gymnosperm cones | Smithsonian Insider
an intricately designed object is shown against a black background, it appears to be in the shape of a shell
several different types of mushrooms on a white surface
three fossil like objects on a white surface next to a penny and some sort of rock
More Leptaena Brachiopods
an image of a large shell on the beach
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