As a teen who has been to both of her grandfather's funerals this brings me to the verge of tears.

This cat have special eyes

This man beat Skyrim in 4 days, he deserves a trophy for that alone

this is great

This could come in handy if I ever choose to try my hand at fantasy one day. <<< don't get on a nerd's bad side! We've been trying to figure out how to make a sword made out of our enemies blood :D

I want to watch this, Mulan has always been my favourite Disney film :)

A Live-Action Mulan Movie?

Funny pictures about A Live-Action Mulan Movie? Oh, and cool pics about A Live-Action Mulan Movie? Also, A Live-Action Mulan Movie?


"I swear I'm a writer, not a serial killer." "Just a writer with serial killer-like tendencies in my writing." "im a serial killer.