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a woman in a black dress with feathers on her head and hands behind her back
Quetzalcoatl - emiliacouture commission | Quetzalcoatl - emiliacouture commission | Sybarite Ivory has received a full repaint with pulpy green lips, grey blue eyes with brown eye shadow and titian lashes. She wears an OOAK emiliacouture creation in dark shades of green, blue, gold and salmon. The snake skin leatherette outfit consists of a Mugler inspired armour dress with a removable feathered trail, a huge ruffle of iridescent feathers, bondage cuffs and a pair of shoes with a new snake motif design.
a woman is standing in front of a tall building with her hands up to the sky
Фотограф Тьерри Мюглер
Фотограф Тьерри Мюглер • Интерьер+Дизайн