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Kodin1-yhteistyö Valkoinen Harmaja -blogin kanssa.

Kodin1-yhteistyö Valkoinen Harmaja -blogin kanssa.

Savusaunan tunnelmaa kaupunkikodin saunaan – Harvia Sauna & Spa

Modern meets traditional in this year's sauna design! Traditional materials like wood and stone plays a big role in this sauna interior.

Kids tree house we built from salvaged wood.

Kids tree house we built from salvaged wood. I LOVE the color of the treehouse itself--ladder, not so much, Maybe we could use those panels they use for the industrial garages that lets light through?

purple smoke bush - one of my fave perennials!

In my yard: Cottinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ . considered a tree but I grow it as a shrub, whacking it back to the ground each spring to keep the height lower and make it bush out. easily grows tall in a season. glows purple with the sun behind it.