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a coffee shop with wooden shelves and black walls
22+ Coffee Bar Ideas You Can DIY This Weekend - Decor Snob
a coffee bar with some cups on it
a coffee bar with chalkboard on the wall and wooden shelves holding cups, mugs, glasses, and other items
Nova Home - Tecno Notícias - Tecnonoticias
an old dresser with some plants on top and coffee maker in the bottom shelf above it
Rustic Floating Shelf/shelves | Pantry shelves | Bathroom & Kitchen Shelf/shelves | Book Shelf | Wood Shelf Shelves | Heavy Duty Brackets
"These gorgeous floating shelves are a perfect addition to any home or business. Inspired by a farm house, country, rustic, vintage design. These simple wood shelves are multifunctional storage and will add a minimalist, decorative touch into any room of your home. Also a great gift for a house warming present. Organize shelving space, indoor or outdoor, with our many ideas for any common household goods. The shelves come with the needed hardware and instructions to make sure your shelf hangs pe
a coffee bar with chalkboard on the wall behind it and two shelves holding different types of coffee
20 Stunning Coffee Stations For Your Kitchen
several jars and spoons in a wooden box
Coffee for the guest room
the coffee maker is sitting on the counter next to some cups and saucers, along with other items
20 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Ideas for a Chic Space
From Apartment Therapy's "6 Steps to a Boutique Hotel-Style Bedroom" - Step 4: Add a Coffee and Refreshments Station