Leveät laudelaudat, tykkään!

Next addition to the home gym, beautiful sauna :)

Sauna on the Arctic Circle. Love the Colour!

nl Sauna on the Arctic Circle with Tulikivi Sumu saunaheater.

I like the rustic wood wall?

Kohde 21 Meriharakka Tulikivi Sumu -kiuas

And any of these spectacular saunas would be hard to leave.

Unique Colours for sauna. Like This!

Sauna - black & white edition, love it!

Light colour!

Pretending not to understand english and speaking Spanish to Irish Folk. only in Dublin Sauna.

Arkihuolesi kaikki heitä--Every day worries will be thrown away with the hot steam water on a sauna bentch :)

Everything ready for sauna


Sauna inside of house

Dare and try new colors. Sauna with black and white. NO NEED FOR SAUNA BUT LOVE THIS SPACE

New black and white sauna

Sähkökiuas Pisara 6kw, rst, ohjataan erillisellä ohjauskeskuksella (5-10m³)

Huum delivers a unique sauna experience built on thousand-year old traditions, combined with contemporary Nordic design.