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Diy Print, Living, Für Zuhause Why not try a modern-looking, monochrome leaf motif that will look fresh long past fall?


Temporarily affix doily to clothing. Then, using fabric paint, apply a coat of paint to the doily. Remove the doily and voila! An intricate lace design applique. For Valentines: use as stencil on paper

Hand dye shibori

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How To Wash Your Leather Purse..after I read this I washed my Coach purse..i was on pins and needles..IT WORKED!!..now rubbed down w/mink oil and looks GREAT!!

How To Wash A Leather Purse - Yes, I Said WASH

How To Wash Your Leather Purse.One pinner says, "after I read this I washed my Coach purse.i was on pins and needles.IT WORKED!now rubbed down w/mink oil and looks GREAT!maybe to try w/ a purse I don't care much about, or get one from Goodwill.

Felt goodness

Felt Brooches - loads of lovely ideas here for felt creation. too beautiful for diy merit badges for kids, but I love the inspiration