Sanna Nuutinen

Sanna Nuutinen

Sanna Nuutinen
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puzzle pieces template for bulletin board has templates for puzzles with more pieces too!

Create Your Own Puzzle: 9 Piece Puzzle. Before you cut out this puzzle, color a picture on it. Then cut out the pieces and put it back together again! Hint: For best result use thick card stock paper. Information: Puzzle, Puzzle Craft, Puzzle Activity

Make these Diy Stamped Clay Bowls // Click through for full tutorial

You can find my other diy's using air dry clay here. This time I used it to make some diy stamped clay bowls, they're the perfect thing to keep on your bedside table and store all your trinkets in.

Anime Escape : Photo

My little sister is like a shining star in my eyes I can't sleep without her and all I can say is that I love her she is my light from darkness when I am afraid to be alone , love your sister : )