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Are you looking for a new way to host parent teacher conferences? One option to consider is switching to student-led conferences as way to boost both parent participation and student engagement.

Student teacher conferences

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Movie clips to talk about bullying.  Wow, this is terrific collection of good movie clips.
The Story of Pink Shirt Day - YouTube

Anti bullying

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classroom cheers and brain breaks

Attention Grabbers

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These help kids and their adults SO much!! 🎉🎉 These phrases reduce fighting, hitting, and challenging behaviors, because kids learn what *… | Instagram
“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” -Obi-Wan Kenobi There exists a quiet cadre of teachers who can take over any classroom—out-of-control, disrespectful, or otherwise—and get the students under control, quiet, and working within minutes. They have a certain presence about them, a certain unmistakable quality or vibe that reverberates from one student to the ... Read more

Classroom behavior

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bulletin boards and doors

Classroom decorations

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Trashketball (figurative language)

Class games

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Dr. Jean's tricks for when "Shhhh!" does not work.  These are great!
I love being able to see the covers of all the books- makes it so much easier for children to choose what they want to read.

Classroom library

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Class materials

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Classroom Messages

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Awesome list, we have read most if not all these books! and yes they do build character!

Class Realouds

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Classroom Management to keep students from lining up at your table!

Class setup

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End of year

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Escape the classroom

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Participation rubric


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Tween Teaching: Ticket out the Door. Pretty much everything on this teacher's blog rocks.

Exit slips

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A fun activity for early finishers! This worksheet allows students to create their own Pokemon from their imagination. They can draw and design the look of their Pokemon, while also providing the information for its' characteristics, evolutions, and type(s). A popular activity amongst my middle-scho...
These early finisher activities will engage your students who finish their work early. They will love choosing an activity, and there won't be any wasted time because they are practicing important, math, reading, and writing skills.
Keep your quick workers busy with these fun activities for fast finishers! This set includes everyday activities as well as themed monthly activities for students in grades 3-5. The change in tasks throughout the year will keep your early finishers board fresh and your kiddos interested.*This grade ...

Fast finishers

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First month

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genius hour class 1.pdf
The idea of Genius Hour...amazing. Getting started with Genius Hour...a bit daunting. Here is a sneak peek at how I got my students eng...

Genius hour

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Google Suite

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Growth mindset

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Homework/missed assignments

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Long Range Plan

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288 free printable rebus puzzles with answers - ESL Vault
*A DIGITAL OPTION HAS BEEN INCLUDED FOR GOOGLE SLIDES/GOOGLE CLASSROOM* Be sure to re-download! There are directions and links inside the pdf. Hello, ELA! This resource is a unique way to get your students warmed up at the beginning of your ELA block. Each month contains 4-5 weeks of ELA bell work, which will have a theme around the season, national holidays, or events associated with that particular month. The morning work is focused on ELA 7th Grade Common Core Standards. Each day has a themat

Morning messages

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