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These Jamboard math templates are great for digital math maniupliatves and math mats for elementary students. Use these Google Jamboard activities for small group math instruction or whole group. Google templates can be used for problem of the day, counting coins, place value, area, fact family activities and 100s charts problems. Students can also use these templates as a digital interactive math notebook. Just assign them through Google Classroom. Project these during your math mini-lessons.

Online math

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4th Grade Guided Math | Thrifty in Third Grade

Long range planning

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Keep this handy prompt around while grading math assignments to help you encourage students to examine their process and find independent solutions. #Math #Grading #Teacher #Independence

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Anchor charts

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Missing Angles in Triangles Animal Themed Activity Pack by Order Of Ops
Types of Angles Poster A3 Wall Display


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Perimeter Strategies poster I created. Inspired by ideas on Pinterest!
perimeter anchor chart

Area /Perimeter

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Cardinal Directions

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Make Six Puzzle - Number Challenge | Math = Love


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Coordinates math

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JUST ADDED this new Prove It! poster to my Thinking Posters resource! This is an EASY way to bring in error analysis for math or clear up… | Instagram

Daily math

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Data management

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RACTION, DECIMAL & PERCENT EQUIVALENCY NUMBER LINE!  This anchor chart bundle includes 3 sizes:  Small: standard printer page (8.5 x 11) Medium Size (printed over 4 pieces of printer paper) Large Size (printed over 9 pieces of printer paper)  *NO SPECIAL PRINTER REQUIRED! #mathresources #middleschoolmath #fractions #decimals #percent #numberline


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Are you teaching or introducing the Long Division to your students? Well, this "Long Division Strategies - Anchor Chart" is for you. It is a simple and easy-to-read long division anchor chart/poster. It's perfect for 3-8th graders! It can be cut out and placed into students' Math journals and used a...
26 worksheets of Long Division with the Box Method which is a horizontal graphic instead of the traditional vertical graphic. This is a must for struggling learners. The steps are almost the same but much easier to remember and has "clicked" with many of my students.
YouTube video about long division / 4 different strategies for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade


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Looking to make your math class more enjoyable and interactive for your students? This post lists and describes five math apps that are great additions to any math classroom. Click through to learn all about them!


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Figures and Shapes

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Mixed and Improper Fractions Digital Anchor Chart using the MAD and GLAD Strategy...


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Guided math

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Hang this poster in your room to remind students of the tricks for multiplying and dividing integers. Two different methods are included on the poster to address students with different learning styles.


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Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out how to fit guided math into your jam packed schedule? Learn how to make guided math fit into your schedule with 3 sample guided math schedules and a FREE scheduling cheat sheet! These tips are for kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade teachers looking to fit stations and rotations into their guided math time. Learn how your groups can benefit from guided math no matter how much time you have during your day. Read more here!

Math rotations

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