Tia Paananen-Pajula

Tia Paananen-Pajula

Tia Paananen-Pajula
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What's the deal with gluten free diets? Some people say they're good, some people say they're a fad. Are they really useful for people who don't have Celiac!

How increased intestinal permeability and leaky gut syndrome lead to autoimmune disease: Plexus Bio 5 and Bio Cleanse can help you get your body back to optimal health!

Wavy Bob With Twisted Bangs For Thin Hair

Looking for new and trendy short hairstyle ideas? We’ve gathered Super Styles For Short Hair to get inspired. It seems like short hairstyles never go out of style soon. But rocking a short hairstyle may be difficult sometimes. If you… Continue Reading →


French Pull Through braid. With a Lob. If you have shorter length hair, or kind of suck at braiding your own hair, or have fine hair and a braid makes you look like you have no hair…or you just like a.

This is the most beautiful riding dress I have ever seen! It looks so elven.

Alternative Clothing - Haunted Hawtin Coat Long Floor-length Gothic Goth Faery Faerie Fairy Fae Pixie Alienskin Technodolly - Alienskin Clothes (No longer available)