Kalevala Koru :Hattulan lintu

Vintage modernist brooch, Bird of Hattula, Kalevala Koru, Finland

Kalevala Koru-vasemmalta: Mikkelin Tuukkalasta ristiretkien ajalta-Mikkelin Tuukkalasta ristiretkien ajalta -Laitilan Kansakoulumäestä viikinkiajalta

Kalevala Koru ancient folk protection magic symbols are very neat.

Kalevala Koru - Finland

Kalevala Jewelry designs and manufactures high-quality gold, silver and bronze jewelry in Helsinki, Finland. This Scandinavian design jewelry brand has brought joy to all jewelry lovers since

Kalevala Koru Snake Buckle (c.400-550 A.D.) brass, popular jewelry motif in…

Kalevala Koru Snake Buckle A.) brass, popular jewelry motif in…

Karjalainen punos, Kalevala Koru

"Karelian braid" by Finnish jewelry company Kalevala Koru. Variation of an original century Christian symbol from the crusade times, found in Karelia.

Linnun muotoinen riipus Kuva: Museovirasto

Silver bird pendant, part of a Viking era (c. 800 - 1025 BC) silver treasure found in Hattula, Finland. The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki.

Kalevala Jewelry

Beautiful collection of hand made Scandinavian design bracelets available only from Kalevala Jewelry!


Kalevala Bird and Bell Bronze Bracelet

Kalevala Bird and Bell Bronze Bracelet Kalevala's Bird and Bell bracelet has a bird charm on one end and a bell (without a ringer) on the other. It was thought that flying birds were in communion with the gods.

Pahan piiska                                              Astalan Kokemäestä 800-1050

The motif for these earrings – Evil´s whips hanging from a small ring – was found at Astala in Kokemäki. This was probably a Viking Era A.) magic charm, used to drive away evil spirits.

Hämäläinen juhlakääty -korvakorut/Kalevala Koru

Hämäläinen juhlakääty -korvakorut/Kalevala Koru

KNOT OF FATE BROOCH by Finnish jewelry company Kalevala Koru. Originals ancient Finnish jewelry from Bronze or Iron Age. material: 14 carat gold or bronze or silver

KNOT OF FATE BROOCH According to beliefs, the one who could string beautiful braids could also control the wind direction as well as birth a.