Pauliina Ranta
Muita ideoita: Pauliina
Ice Cream. Image via: Cheers | #TorridInsider
(Closed Date RP: Aubree and Dan) "Dan, would you like to go to the beach and get ice cream for the date?"
Tokyo ice cream stand’s colossal eight-flavor cones might be the biggest we’ve ever seen
❤ Kawaii Shop ❤
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bubble ice cream!
Japanese Matcha green tea powder soft ice cream, Uji Kyoto
Now I want to go to ANAKJAJAN. Just look at that 8 layer ice cream, it looks marvelous and delicious!! #japan
Hokkaido's Soft-Serve Ice Cream (From top: Ice Soda, Strawberry, Melon, Milk and Lavender) - Summer Flavors in Japan
Raw Vegan Collard Wraps