"Windswept Girl" (1893) by Akseli Gallen-Kallela

chasingtailfeathers: Akseli Gallén-Kallela Windswept Girl, 1893 Oil on canvas, 360 x 285 mm The Gösta Serlachius Museum of Fine.

"Summer" (1893) by Gunnar Berndtson

Summer Gunnar Berndtson (Finnish, Berndtson could be called a salon painter who specialised in the depiction of beautiful fabrics, luxury objects and a sophisticated lifestyle. He painted Finnish landscapes in the.

"The Fighting Capercaillies / Taistelevat Metsot" (1886) by Ferdinand von Wright

Ferdinand von Wright Taistelevat Metsot / The Fighting Capercaillies 1886 - Finland - birds - Click image to get to original site with audio

"Saimi in the Meadow" (1892) by Eero Järnefelt

Eero Erik Nikolai Jarnefelt (Finnish artist, Saimi in the Meadow 1892

"Boy with a Crow" (1884) by Akseli Gallen-Kallela

Poika ja varis / 1884 par Akseli Gallen-Kallela / Boy and Crow by Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

"Queen Bianca" (1877) by Albert Edelfelt

Blanche (Blanka) of Namur queen-consort of King Magnus Eriksson of Sweden and Norway. Shown here in Albert Edelfelt's painting, Queen Blanka, singing "Rida Rida Ranka" to her son, Prince Haakon, the future King of Norway.

"Perunatyttö" (1901) by Hugo Simberg

zolotoivek: “ Hugo Simberg - The Potato Girl, 1901 ” Hugo Gerhard Simberg June 1873 - 12 July was a Finnish symbolist painter and graphic artist.

"Metsälampi" (1894) by Eero Järnefelt

Erik (Eero) Nikolai Järnefelt November Vyborg – 15 November Helsinki) was a Finnish painter and art professor. He is best known for his portraits and landscapes of the area around Koli National Park.

"Kulosaaren Salmi" (1880) by Gunnar Berndtson

Gunnar Berndtson, finski slikar ~ F I N S K A Finland