Tee itse valoa hohtava ryijy – Kotiliesi

Crochet: Make your own glowing rug. Pattern is from Finnish magazine – Kotiliesi.

Edit sein�valaisin, musta-musta

Modern and classic at the same time, the Edit wall lamp has the ability to suit an array of interior styles. The Edit Wall Lamp, attached to the wall with

ÄPPLARÖ Bänk med förvaring - IKEA

ÄPPLARÖ Bänk med förvaring, utomhus, brun brunlaserad

maybe good for an outdoor coffee table/storage. ÄPPLARÖ Storage bench IKEA Store away outdoor accessories, such as garden tools and plant pots.



HÄGGÅS Led-kattovalaisin - IKEA

I love this lamp hung upside down so it looks like a bouquet of perky flowers instead of a hanging plant. HÄGGÅS LED pendant lamp IKEA LEDs glow at the end of each arm.

JOSEF Skåp IKEA Kan användas både inomhus och utomhus.

IKEA - JOSEF, Cabinet, indoor/outdoor, dark gray , The cabinet has two adjustable shelves and the door can be mounted with the opening to the right or left.

KYLIE-kattovalaisin, Harmaa

KYLIE-kattovalaisin, Harmaa

GLANSNÄVA Gardinfoder, 1 par - IKEA

IKEA GLANSNÄVA Curtain liners, 1 pair Light grey cm The densely woven curtain liners darken the room and provide privacy by preventing people.

VÄRMDÖ Gungstol IKEA Du kan använda trämöbeln både inom- och utomhus.

IKEA - VÄRMDÖ, Rocking-chair, in/outdoor, , Your floor is protected from wear and scratches by the plastic strips underneath the rockers.