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Pupuleipomo: Suklaakääreitä

Pupuleipomo: Suklaakääreitä

Tervetuloa säästöpankkiin!

My cousins had these in many colurs, they were bit ugly and scary at that time.

Todellinen retrokarkki, C-kasetti!  photo Salmiakinmakuisiakasettejavuodelta1987_zpscd57db29.jpg

Todellinen retrokarkki, C-kasetti! photo Salmiakinmakuisiakasettejavuodelta1987_zpscd57db29.jpg

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman- The Heart Within.  Jane Seymour (Dr. Michaela Quinn,) Joe Lando (Byron Sully,) Jessica Bowman (Colleen Cooper-Cook,) Shawn Toovey (Brian Cooper) Sara McRae (Katie Sully)

Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within on CBS Drama Still enjoyed the movies, but Sully's hair extensions were horrible.

Me modernit peruskoululaiset. Aapiskukko ei enää komeillut etukannessa, vaan oli piilotettu aapisen takakanteen

Oh, didn't remember all 'Aapinen' books we had at home!

We used to have these!

Erik Kold, nää on ihania!

4711, "Original Eau de Cologne"  Giovanni Maria Farina's formula has been produced in Cologne since 1709 by Farina opposite the Jülichplatz and to this day remains a secret. His shop at Obenmarspforten opened in 1709 and is today the world's oldest fragrance factory. Other Colognes were launched over 100 years after Farina's one, such as the famous Cologne 4711, named after its location at "Glockengasse No. 4711".

A cult classic that has delighted the senses for over 200 years, 4711 Eau de Cologne Splash is a venerable fragrance.Ideal for splashing all over the skin as a cooling tonic, the wonder water scintillates with a cascade of citrus notes, which wo

Hønseringe..i kilometervis :D

i kilometervis :D elskede dem