These beautiful winter skies were made with bleeding blue and purple tissue paper. #atc

You can make beautiful bleeding tissue paper art with small squares of turquoise and purple. Apply water and they leave behind amazing swirly winter skies.

Pinguin collage the sharp icy boarder is cool, kids could use green for jungle and add a leafy border or add coral or seaweed like boarder for different creatures -oh even rocks and a dragon in the middle, lots of ideas collage paper craft mixed media

Pinguin collage maken met kleuters / Поделка изделие Пингвин Бумага журнальная I see a fish instead of a penguin in icy water.

Piirrä kettu

Art Projects for Kids: grade I finally found a fox they can draw for the reading street story.A Fox and a Kit!


"You are a Fox" marshmallow pops for Valentine's Day

Use marshmallows and food writers to make simple "You are a fox" marshmallow pops this Valentine's Day. Also, how to draw a fox.

Our Solar System..Science/Art Project Colored chalk and Q-tips 5th grade..McKinley School K-8 Pasadena, CA {sorry, no link}

Solar System Activity Ideas: Our Solar System.Science/Art Project Colored chalk and Q-tips Deborah Gangi-Hall grade.McKinley School Pasadena, CA

Art for Kids SOLAR SYSTEM No3 16x12 acrylic canvas by nJoyArt

Space painting for childrens room, Solar System #7, Art for Kids, 24x18 Acrylic Canvas Painting for kids room

Art for Kids, SOLAR SYSTEM acrylic canvas painting, space themed childrens decor wall art