BUGS from ice cream wooden sticks

Make bugs from ice cream wooden sticks! Easy and fun craft for kids; great for learning about different kinds of bugs! Perfect for parents and teachers


Kağıt katlama 4 and 20 black birds baked in a pie cute idea for craft a long with reading

Sempre criança: http://www.speedycreativa.com/2012/07/linvasi...

ruspjes van dopjes collage paper craft caterpillars -kids could make any creature / insect on a leaf and display together

watercolor painting in the Waldorf School - Daisies

(or in our case" WINTER"!) Wet on wet tutorial (lots of other watercolour tutorials on the site).

33 Crafty Things To Make With Clothespins {easy!} - Tip Junkie

Clothespin Dragonfly craft - Rather than a summer project, I'm thinking of having the kids make some for teachers for an end of year gift. We'll put magnets on one side to make them useful.

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Kevätseuranta lapsille http://www.kevatseuranta.fi/lapsille/

Kevätseuranta lapsille http://www.kevatseuranta.fi/lapsille/


Coffee filters, glitter and clothes pins or you could use pretty cupcake liners and small clothespins. Great embellishment instead of or along side a bow.