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Sunset Impala

Just back from leading the Tanzania Wilderness Safari - it was great! Now only just looked briefly at a few photos… here's one from a sunset at Tarangire…


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Give me a kiss!

Two prairie dogs appear to have a kiss and cuddle as they enjoy a slow dance. The photograph was taken by Jan Pelcman at Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic. Picture: Jan Pelcman/Solent News & Photo Agency.

Tarangire NP

Tarangire NP

Little bee-eater on a twig, Tarangire NP Photos – Images & pictures

Professional photo gallery of Tarangire National Park showing stunning images, photos and pictures from award winning wildlife photographers!

After sunset in Tarangire N.P. near Arusha, Tanzania  ~ By AnyMotion

Achim Mittler is a well-seasoned amateur photographer who takes some incredible pictures of animals. His animal photography includes pretty much the entire animal kingdom from insects to wildlife to his very own cat.