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the measurements for a tent with two windows and one door on each side, as well as
Ompele japanilainen essu - helppo ohje!
an assortment of knitted owls sitting on top of branches in front of a chalkboard
This would be fun to do with Eligh when I start teaching him to knit. - Hetty J.
an old photo of some people in the middle of a metal bowl with holes on it
Kuvansiirto kankaalle, puulle ja kivelle
a knitted horse head hanging on the wall next to a wooden stick with braids
a small christmas tree made out of yarn on a piece of burlocked fabric
Jouluaskarteluja - www.opeope.fi
several pieces of wood are arranged on the ground with bead necklaces attached to them
Varga-Neményi-menetelmään, toiminnallisuuteen ja Liikkuva Koulu-ideologiaan hurahtaneen opettajan opetuskokeiluja.
multicolored knitted cuffs arranged in a circle
10 kynäpurkkia
Taimitarha: 10 kynäpurkkia
the parts of a sewing machine labeled in english and german on a white background with blue water
a wall hanging made out of sticks and beads
EarthLink Mail
an arrangement of plants and yarns on a wooden board next to some knitting needles
Shopping and foraging for autumnal supplies this week for our Autumnal Macrame Workshop @bowlingharbourproject in 2 weeks.
an image of weaving techniques on the app store's iphone screen, with text below it
one day, woven — lune travels blog
Since our mum invented weaving all children of Athena are naturally good at weaving, knitting and sewing.
a piece of art that is sitting on a wooden table with some kind of decoration
Tontut virvittäin ja jouluisia virvittäinkuvioita
Tontut virvittäin ja jouluisia virvittäinkuvioita