Rauma, Finland

Rauma church, interior, Finland - Built probably between 1515 and located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Rauma.

Rauma, Finland

Old beautiful town of Rauma, Finland. On the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Rauma, Finland

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Kitukränn - Vanhan Rauman Kitukränn on Suomen kapein katu.-Kitukrann in Old Rauma is the narrowest street in Finland

-Kitukrann in Old Rauma is the narrowest street in Finland

Vanha Raatihuone, Rauma. Old city hall of Rauma.

Raatihuone The Old Tampere City Town Hall by the Rauma Market Square is nowadays a museum.

Old Rauma, Finland

Old Rauma, Finland. Visited today, such a pretty place!

Rauma - Finland - church

My grandmother had several pictures of this church, she was from Rauma. The Church of the Holy Cross in Rauma, Finland

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