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an origami box with gold and blue designs on the front, inside and out
an arch made out of rocks in the corner of a room with a door and pictures on the wall
a metal vase sitting on top of a carpeted floor
Triwizard Cup Replica Build Walkthrough
three paper bowls with red liquid in them sitting on a counter top next to a glass vase
The Golden Egg...Take one Lindt Lindor plastic shaped egg container, made two sides & the owl topper from Das air dry clay . Added design/etchings while still damp. When dry lift off and reinforce with torn paper and glue on undersides. Spray gold. Cellophane inside egg. Add paper leaves. Hot glued to a little bowl. :)
a gold and silver vase sitting on top of a table
a green glass trophy sitting on top of a black stove burner covered in money
how to make a halloween mason jar
10 façons de transformer un bocal en verre en luminaire
a lit up jar with a deer on it