Betwixt the Witching Hour.
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an old man holding a light in his hand
in dungeons deep and caverns cold...
Gandalf Lord, Caricature, Bho, Resim, Sanat, Legolas, Kunst, Fantasy
Medieval Clothing, Larp, Odin, Sam Neill, Cloak, Medieval, Dark Wizard
an old man with long white hair holding a stick
black and white photograph of a man with long hair wearing a hoodie looking at his cell phone
a man is sitting on the floor with an open book in front of his face
celtic-forest-faerie: “ {The Old And Wise One Of The Woods} by {Alasaari Photography} ” Wonderland, Shamanism, Woods, Dwarf
northward. - celtic-forest-faerie: {The Old And Wise One Of...
celtic-forest-faerie: “ {The Old And Wise One Of The Woods} by {Alasaari Photography} ”
a painting of a man with a beard holding a bear in his lap and an owl on his shoulder
André Shishkin
a painting of a wizard standing in front of planets
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BijouxNoir ❤❦♪♫
Picture : Sviatibor  Andrey Shiskin Female Art, Cute Drawings, Fantasy Art Women, Fantasy Pictures
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Picture : Sviatibor Andrey Shiskin
an image of a woman holding a light in her hand
Journey Of The Wizard by EnchantedWhispersArt on DeviantArt
Journey Of The Wizard by EnchantedWhispersArt on deviantART (
an old man sitting in front of a window holding a book and looking at it
a painting of an old man holding a stick with a flower in his left hand
Gandalf the Grey by NostalgiaBomb on DeviantArt
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an old man with long white hair holding a wand and a black bird on his shoulder
Skydancer Mystic Wizard by HouseofChabrier on DeviantArt
Skydancer Mystic Wizard by on @DeviantArt
the wizard is reading a book and holding a staff in his hand with glowing light coming from it
a woman dressed in white standing on top of a snow covered hill next to a dog
an old man with a long beard holding a spoon in his hand
a wizard holding a crystal ball in front of his face
an old wizard holding a staff in a field
Home of the Church of All Worlds
Nadia Ali for Pakistani Designer Mehdi Witchy Woman, Halloween Photoshoot, Witch Aesthetic, Dark Beauty, Witching Hour, Southern Gothic, Lady Macbeth
Nadia Ali for Pakistani Designer Mehdi
an old black and white photo of a woman in the woods
People turned blind whenever they see a truth. Free Yourself from this . Banish what binds Water, water,water.
two women dressed up in black and white with veils over their heads, one wearing a wedding dress
Passion - Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles
The Look: "Ashes to Ashes" Photography & Retoucher: KMarie Photography / Stylist,Hair & Makeup: Jessica Jennings / Models: Nicole Nguyen & Emily Wehunt
three ghostlyly dressed people standing in front of a spinning wheel with net on it
a black dress with gold flowers on the waist and bottom, in front of a dark background
Black Widow 2
Black Widow 2 by Martina Nemcekova on 500px
three ghostly people standing in the dark with white veils on their heads and body
potentia regere
from-the-embers: The Three Norns by SheWalksInSilence
a woman wearing a headdress and holding her hands in front of her face
an image of a woman dressed in white
El 21 de Diciembre es el Solsticio de Invierno en el hemisferio norte. El Solsticio como un momento sagrado: "Estos días deberían ser utilizados para ayunar meditar y descansar para estar en el estado de mayor receptividad posible del espíritu y permitir solo pensamientos y energías positivas dentro de la propia esfera de la conciencia de cada uno." Ra Un Nefer Amen I
three women dressed in black with antlers on their heads and capes, standing on top of a mountain
a woman covered in green and brown liquid
witches' lookbook
freshiejuice: “The Amber Woods are Calling” Shot by...
black and white photograph of a person with their hand in the air
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[Halloween Grasker] "What is it with you, wicked witch, that scares me more than death itself?" Halloween laughed, a low and gravelly sound that seeped into Spring's core. "Maybe you do fear death. There is not much difference between the two of us."
a woman with long black hair holding two torches in her hands and wearing an elaborate dress
Darkness brings out the light in her soul
a veiled woman is standing in the dark
Alice Dollhouse
haunted bride idea spooky
a woman in a long black coat and hat walks through the woods with her hand on her face
Shelter for Lost Souls
Личности | 176 фотографий
a woman wearing a black veil and holding her hands together
a woman with a crown on her head holding a flower
Las 20 fotografías de flores más hermosas e impactantes del mundo - Fotografía Digital Online
Male Aethaelci Concept (Gifting of a flower is known as a symbol of love between Aethalci, and white flowers symbolize pure affection from a male to a female)
a person holding their hands up with flames coming out of the palm and fingers in front of them
“What’s the matter, Cal? You didn’t know I could steal power too?”
a woman's hands are wrapped in white fabric with candles sticking out of them
Doll House
The Lampades are the nymphs of the Underworld in Greek mythology. Companions of Hecate, the Greek titan goddess of witchcraft and crossroads, they were a gift from Zeus for Hecate's loyalty in the Titanomachy. They bear torches and accompany Hecate on her night-time travels and hauntings. Some accounts tell of how the light of the Lampads' torches has the power to drive one to madness.
a woman with long hair holding a ball in her hands and wearing metal bracelets
Gothic and Amazing
Alternate History Designs & Photography Welcome to Gothic and Amazing |
a woman holding three candles in her hands with blue cloth covering her face and hood over her head
The Wandering Minstrel.
Bewitch me.
a woman standing on top of a beach next to the ocean under a cloudy sky
Tiago Arrais
Sea Witch: #Sea #Witch. Per. Fec. Tion. Even this title which I did not write!
an old man with a staff in his hand and the words archrun legendd as