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a colorful cake sitting on top of a table covered in icing and water droplets
#Video_43 - Acrylic Pouring, flip cup, Big cells
#Video_43 - Acrylic Pouring, flip cup, Big cells
an artistically designed glass vase sitting on top of a table next to colored crayons
DYNAMIC LAYERING and TRANSPARENCIES Chameleon Cells Acrylic Pouring
Chain string pull technique is soooo cool!🤩
Aqua Gradient 💙STUNNING Pouring Painting Idea
Approximately 3 parts paint to 2 parts water (60%+40%), but this proportion varies depending on paint brand and color density. No other additives. Very fluid consistency. COLORS USED in this pour painting: Iridescent Blue-Green Iridescent Gold Titanium White Prussian Blue Turquoise Blue Turquoise Green Brilliant Blue Yellow
Ocean Fluid Acrylic💙/ Dutch Pour Painting
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some green plants with white and gray colors
MagnoliaandMill - Etsy
an abstract painting is shown on the ground in blue, yellow and orange colors with bubbles
an abstract painting with water drops on it
"Blue, Gold, Copper, Black Sea Creature Fluid Art" Canvas Print for Sale by CrystalCoast
I Love Pouring Rose Petals! Try it - play around and have fun!
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an artistically designed glass plate sitting on top of a table
#113 Amazing Gray And White Split Base And Pigments #acrylicpouring #fluidpainting #art
an abstract painting with orange and yellow flowers
an abstract painting with blue flowers and bubbles
an abstract painting with pink and orange flowers